Ava Heatley exactly knows how to make good music.”


The track begins almost hauntingly ominous but then you hear Heatley’s beautiful voice that is recalling of Regina Spektor but with a bit of Sara Bareilles. The song is minimal which reminds us that less is more, no overproduction or over saturated effects, just Heatley’s temerity that is invigorating.”

The Girls at the Rock Show

Anyone that’s ever felt like they get stuck emotionally and embarrassed by their own emotional stubbornness, perhaps born of some bit of arrested personal development, and acted out will relate deeply to Ava Heatley’s “Shitty Tattoo.” ”

Queen's City Sounds and Art

Heatley's "Party" is simple, a breath of fresh air in this complicated world. With songs like “Party,” Ava Heatley is sure to find an audience looking for authenticity in what can be a very fake industry.”


Beautiful/Terrifying is such a maturely written song. We all have moments that are beautiful yet taking the step to take those moments can be terrifying. Totally relatable song for all. Ava takes moments ,that we would let go, immortalizing them. Clever lady with an AMAZING voice.”

Music Injection

Deft work on the key-board and an evocative vocal enables Ava Rae Heatley to deliver music of emotional fluidity, with each song revealing a new flowering – the latest being Grin And Bear It. ”

Emerging Indie Bands

Raw, authentic and beautifully self-aware; these are the words we’d use to describe New York songstress Ava Heatley‘s music, and her latest track ‘Beautiful/Terrifying’ serves as a wonderful testament. It’s a constantly evolving piece of music that showcases both an authentic, personal songwriting sensibility and raw emotionalism that has come to be her trademark.”

Born Music Online

We're loving everything we hear from Ava Rae Heatley”

95.3 DNH

Ava has created an EP which combines beautiful harmonies, classy instrumentals, autobiographical lyrics, relatable stories and a charming full band pop sound. ”

house in the sand

Ava Rae Heatley’s vocals are emotive and powerful whilst delivering these relatable lyrics in an infectious style. ”

Borne Music Online