Ava Rae Heatley is a New York based singer-songwriter who has been writing songs and gigging since she was thirteen. Her EP, “The Drive” was released in 2017, and she was named DNH Radio’s Discovered Artist of the Month in June.  She is currently a semi-finalist in NYC/London based song writing contest, "Coffee Music Project".  An experienced recording artist, Ava’s passion is performing her songs live, influenced by great piano-based acts like Elton John, Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles.

Her writing always rings authentic, at every stage of her life; starting with the spot-on high school characters of her first album “Words I Can’t Spell”, through the challenges of leaving home in “Live at the Bitter End”, continuing in the pain of broken relationships in “The Drive’, to the anxiety of adulthood in her new single “Grin and Bear It.”

As Ava puts it, “To me, songwriting is overreacting. It's refusing to move on. It's holding a grudge. It's framing and illuminating the thoughts you get embarrassed you had ten minutes after thinking them. It's taking moments that you'd otherwise let go and putting them in print, forever immortalizing them. It's melodramatic.”

Ava regularly gigs in New York City in places like The Bitter End, Pianos, Silvana and The Shrine.